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DIY Tips

Custom Fabric-Covered Lampshade

Give a tired lamp a fresh, high-end look by covering the shade with trendy fabric and ribbon.

Materials Needed:

  • lampshade
  • 3/4 yard of fabric per shade
  • 3 yards of ribbon trim per shade
  • fabric glue
  • temporary fabric pen
  • clean-release tape
  • small paintbrush
  • scissors

Cut Fabric

Place lampshade on front side of fabric. Roll shade along fabric, cutting two inches above and below edges of shade.

Place Fabric Around Shade

Wrap fabric around shade and trim off excess fabric, leaving two inches for overlap.

Glue Fabric to Shade

Run a line of fabric glue along the shade’s existing seam and press one end onto glue. Secure end with clean-release tape and allow glue to fully dry for 1/2 hour. Tip: Place new fabric’s seam over existing seam for a clean finished product.

Apply Glue to the Lampshade


How to Create DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

Without a doubt the new colorful teal knobs really perked up my previously boring, all-white craft storage units.  Continue reading to see how I achieved the faux malachite look on porcelain knobs with just a Sharpie permanent marker.

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

There was no way I was going to get an even color finish scribbling on porcelain with a marker.  Instead, I decided to work with the inevitable overlaps and veining that would occur.  I colored out from the center of each knob in long strokes down to the brass base.  I let the marker strokes radiate out from the center.

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

The overlapping marks left a variegated look that reminded me of beautiful green precious stones, like malachite or jadeite.  The deep teal looked fabulous with the brass.  These were much more to my liking than the plain white knobs.

Once I got them all colored, I poked them through the cardboard in the top of a shoe box to dry.  The Sharpie smeared easily before they dried.  I let them sit overnight.

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

The next day I put them all into a mini muffin pan and heated the oven to 350 degrees.  I popped them in and baked them for 30 minutes.  I apologize for the dark picture…I do all my knob baking late in the night 🙂

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

Would you ever guess these were colored with a Sharpie marker?  They are glossy and beautiful.  The color has so much movement.

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

I could not wait to get these beauties onto my craft cabinets.  What a difference they make.  The teal green is better than I imagined.  They just gleam.  The small round knobs are just petite enough for the skinnier top drawers.  Anything bigger would have looked too bulky.

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

The larger oval ones anchor the larger bottom drawers.  I thought the knobs that came with the cabinet were way too small for these large drawers.

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

So far the baked on Sharpie is holding up.  I even tried scratching one with my fingernail and the finish did not come off.  We’ll see how they do for the long haul.  I plan to be in and out of these cabinets very frequently, so I will put these knobs to the test.  If they do start to show wear, at least I have the teal Sharpie for touchups!

For more DIY goodness, check out what I have done in this space since coloring the knobs.  The Martha Stewart Craft Space cabinets are now a built-in unit across the back wall of my studio complete with an amazing DIY bamboo countertop.

Studio Home Office



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